Multiple Outputs (but How....)

hi :ph34r: do anyone of you guys know how (if possible) to play with a vst instrument (for an example the edirol orchestral) over multiple outputs. i have one instrument coming out of channel 1 and another coming out of channel 2… and so one… all from the same vsti.
do you know how to give each instrument it’s own channel…hmmm…


You use a VSTI alias in a new instrument slot, then when you created the new Alias, you select that “channel” 2 in the VSTI properties of the Alias instrument. An alias instrument appears in the list as soon as you have used any of the VSTI’s in an instrument slot.
Renoise does not support separate streamed multi-out signalling though so effects applied to the master VSTI or to any of the Alias vsti’s are being applied to the whole range attached to the master VSTI.

ok cheers man WILL TRY =)