Multiple Song Loading/running

Hi! I was thinking would it be possible to open a new song while running the previous? The thing is that I’m using Renoise to compose (nearly) all my songs. I’m also performing my music live with Renoise. But the problem are the stops between the songs: I’m playing song A, while it ends, I have to start loading another and the music stops for long time. That isn’t useful at playing in raves. :)

Sorry, if this question was raised before or has been solved in the latest version (I still haven’t downloaded). I tried using the search but didn’t come up with results.

if you’re using directsound you could simply open two instances of Renoise -> double buffering :D

Opening same application twice doesn’t work in Os X.

You can enable Gfx update if you have an external monitor.

It took me two secs to find out that it actually does:…030711041351836

Thanks Johann! Good that I took only 2 seconds of your time :)