Multiple suggestions (sorry)

Playing last night a few things came up, and really affected my workflow…

Device Chains -> Is it possible to make device chains that insert paste instead of removing original contents?

Effects units -> Is there a keyboard shortcut to select multiple effects units at one time?? Normally its shift / control

Channel Strip Buttons -> The Advanced Pattern Editor has a great little right click for inverse selection…the channel strip could use this

Button Inputs -> Some MIDI buttons toggle (change and hold state on one click), and some flick on an off. I wonder if resnoise would allow us to choose which one? This would be very nice in setting up control templates

Lower Panels -> Similar to what I said about hide browser, can we also have the option to hide the effects list? Yesterday I made a massive template for the Novation Launchkey 49…in doofers…* scrolling the bar at the bottom took ages.

  • How about the ability to drag that bottom bar UP and have everything re-arrange (easier said than done, I know) in an orderly fashion? Then working in doofers / effects chains is “badman”

I `EFFING LOVE MIDI MAPPINGS INFO!!! Never seen it before :drummer:

*then subsequently discovered doofers cant route outside themselves :smashed:

Here`s the low bar thing…(no effects browser)

…and heres the pinnacle of lower bar aspirations …(ignore the numbers, you get the idea)

Still PLENTY of the screen available.

This idea is not strictly aimed at the HYDRA but all of the devices, if are able to wrap themselves into thr space

You can hide the effects list by dragging the handle on the right side of it.

I generally like your suggestions, especially the first 2. I’d like to be able to toggle all effects on and off at the same time, which kinda goes to your second suggestion.

Edit: Right-click in the lower frame to append a device chain to the current one.