Multiplying waveforms in the Sampler

Hi all

I am currently trying to build myself a synthesizer controlled by my BeatStep Pro in the Renoise Sampler.

One effect I am after is to do an AM with the modulation frequency being only slightly detuned to the oscilator freqency. I’ve programmed that before on a homecomputer soundchip, by changing the volume just as fast as the chip frequency.

To do the same in the Renoise Sampler, I would need to multiply a sample with another sample, unfortunately I did not find anything how to do that. So any Idea how to achieve the desired Effect?


It would be far simpler to just do it realtime with plugins that would perform RM with the left and right stereo channels, you could program that yourself in plugins like protoplug and reajs.

Would be a simple sample multiplication, in reajs that is literally1 line of code

Thanks for the pointers (and the reminder that this is of course Ring Modulation). I’ll look into protoplug and reajs.