Multisample Loading - Keyboard-Only Workflow?

I think I’m missing something basic here, but I’m having trouble loading multiple samples into an instrument without resorting to a mouse.

My usual sample loading workflow is to use alt-up/down to select an instrument, then alt-shift-tab to go to the explorer, command-up/down to switch to samples, tab to go to the files, and then enter to load samples one-by-one.

However, suppose I want to load multiple samples to build a drum kit. The only way I see to do that is to go to the instrument settings tab, and drag and drop samples with the mouse (my drums are in different directories, so multi-selecting files doesn’t work). Then go to the sample keyzones with the mouse. From there command-D gets me a drumkit. All in all kindof a drag on the keyboard-only workflow. Is there a better way to do this?


Shift + Up/Down will select multiple sample in a block. Not sure if you can make broken selections, like Ctrl+Click, as navigation between selection each time is obviously going to break it.

For drumkits one workaround is to create a default kit, then replace samples in this instrument by first activating the sampleslot by playing this note with the keyboard and then loading a new sample into this slot.

so sounds like the answer is there’s not really a direct way to do this…

Then hit Enter.

but what hitting “Enter” will do is dependent on another step, at least once with the mouse.

The gotcha here is that if you want to load the selected samples as a multi sample instrument you must select one sample, right click, load sample with options, verify “create multi-sample inst” is checked. Why this “load with options” is not offered when you have multiple samples selected is a mystery since that’s where its useful. If you want to load the selected samples as single samples per instrument slot you need to make sure that toggle in “load with options” is off… but “load with options” is not available if you have multiple samples selected. :wacko:

I really wish there was simply a keybinding for load selected samples and another for load multi-samples as xrni…

Additionally, when loading instruments be sure you advance your instrument bank or you’ll be dumping to the same bank. I’ve recently been getting caught by this a lot more than usual and find myself wishing there was also a keybinding for “load then advance bank”…

That’s the same as dragging and dropping from Explorer onto Renoise’s window. You can choose if you want the default to be different Instruments, or different samples within an instrument (IE one Multi-Sampled Instrument.)

Preferences -> Files -> Create Multi-Sampled Instrument (TICK)

No mouse needed!

Or hit Shift+Return to Load With Options, rather than just Return…

I think you missed this edit from a few minutes after the original post “my drums are in different directories, so multi-selecting files doesn’t work”. I think this is common - many sample sets have samples organized by drum type. Furthermore, even if the drums are in the same directory, they won’t always be continuous in the file listing.

What’s really needed is either a separate load operation which loads into an existing instrument or to change the default behavior from overwriting the current instrument (which would kindof make sense as a default behavior- you can already audition instruments without loading them and you can always delete instruments, so why should the default behavior be to overwrite?)

tangentially-related keyobard-only critique, there’s also no way of selecting dialog box options using the keyboard, at least not on OSX…

You’re right, I did miss that.

As the Sample List doesn’t automatically add an empty slot at the end I don’t think you can do it. There is not even Shortcuts to add them from anywhere. Something could be done with scripting though…