Multitrack Recording With Jackd And Energyxt


First thing - question is not 100% related with Renoise. Anyway, I am happily user of Renoise + Ardour + Jackd combo.

On days I purchased energyXT in version 2.4 (encouraged by affordable price and Linux native version)…

… and then problems started…

But get to the point.

In Ardour with every added audio track to record - I am getting new available sockets in patchbay, which allows me to connect synths and other midi based application and render them at once in Ardour. It simply works in intuitive way.

Well, I tried to do the same in energyXT and I got first big “surprise” (well, second one - first one was lack of jackd support by default - you have to compile jack module by yourself or use KXStudio repository to get - nothing appearead there.

I am not so happy to trash few euros and still believe that can use it along with rest of apps.


And yes, I asked same question on energyXT support (which really sucks, I think):

but I think that here I can get answer much faster.

Hope i get it right. You have trouble with the
Here you can load the Jack client source code
Move this to your EnergyXt folder and then open a terminal at this place.
After you have done this type or copy this into the terminal

g++ -shared -lasound -ljack jack.cpp -o ./

This way i have done it. <_<

Sorry If I my description of the problem was not enough clearly.

I am using energyXT with jackd - I compiled driver etc itp.

But When I am trying to route applications directly to audio channels in energyXT - I am f*cked. I have no idea how to do this.

In ardoud every new audio channel generates/creates new socket.

energyXT looks like not - which is sick… :panic:

Help! ;)

In the Modular view you can creat Audio-In and with right-click you can asign the input routing.
In the track view you can right click the audio-track and assign the input for this track.

Sorry hope this will help a little bit. :huh: