Mushen - Subsurface Flowers (ep)

Lovely mellow vibes, very warm yet distant and really really really digging the rhythms here! Reminds me of Mr. Oizo meets Richard D. James, although it sits perfectly inbetween; challanging and affective. And effective: the subtleness of the whole ep combined with the sonic consistency makes this a very pleasant musical voyage!

This EP is immediatly granted a place in my playlist, I’m especially enjoying Boomchbooca and I Can’t Feel My Arms :D Great work!

Ha I didn’t even notice the whole EP was available for download. Really liked the tune you have on myspace off this.

thanks so much jordy! nice words feel great coming from botb himself :D i’ll be making more of this since it’s getting pretty pleasant feedback.

OK, i gonna tell you the truth, after listening to the whole ep:

I dont like any of the tracks, but Subsurface Flowers is so insane, that i cant stop hearing it.

Strange, what you’ve done to me.

thank you for honesty! when you say you can’t stop hearing it, do you mean it’s stuck in your head?

yea, i heard it like 100 times now, and its still sick :P

lovely lazy flow in the beat and nice plingy melodies. As a matter of fact, good instrumental. Why not get a rapper involved?

i’ve worked with one mc, and the results weren’t what i was looking for [cross fingers that he never reads this, he’s actually really talented]. perhaps you know of someone? truly, i don’t like what most mc’s talk about. i like mc’s like “gift of gab” quite a bit though.

You could do the rap yourself? Or if you’re not confident enough about the delivery, write the lyrics and find someone else to, as they say, spit it :)

If you don’t mind blunt, audible and shamelessly Dutch accents (or lyrics), I can lend you my MC… if you like his flow/sound… and want an MC… and all that jazz :) Anyway, know the offer’s open, I’m sure he’s very down with your grooves.

i’m not confident enough to write lyrics even. i find it really stressful. i feel a certain way about things, but i don’t really have anything do say that i’d want over my tunes. i’m not romantic with my words.

hah, i’m curious how it’d mesh. maybe as a side-project if i end up with too many beats?

Excellent tunes ! I like very much !

Dang, I can’t play anything off myspace. Files up anywhere else?

the album art at the top of the thread is a link to the zip, but to save you some scrolling:


loving this! great sound choices, very nice wobbling stoned grooves :D

thank you very much! this was my first ep where i chose the sounds very intently and created 1 drum kit of almost 64 sounds, used only this one kit, tweaking sounds to taste. also, primarily used two instances of the same synth throughout the ep.