Mushroom Fever

Hi folks,

This track is sortof dedicated to Infected Mushroom, a group I have always been a fan of. A week ago I went to one of their shows in Belgium, and what I saw there just blew my mind. My head exploded. I was overwhelmed… it was almost too much of the good :w00t:

A few days later I got this huge inspiration impulse, which helped me build this song in almost one session. Later on I only had to brush up the edges and fine-tune it as a whole.
Now I think it is finished. I really like the result :)

What do you think of it? Comments are welcome!

Download 192kbs MP3

Cheers :walkman:

damn awesome sir VP!

amazing work, what a track!
hats off, captain

Thank you gentlemen. :)

the breakdown 1/3 of the way through is sooooo dope dude. good work.

superb! keeping it tight and down.

Shplendid work! :)

Uploaded a new version which fixes some issues in the lower range of the song :)

track is really nice :yeah:


Really nice track. This is my kind of music. Yeah. I see pretty much “Talpa” in this track, which I like very much. Keep ém commin! :)

after listening to Talpa, i would say that this surpasses and goes beyond
what that artist is doing.

Top notch!

Danm good job. Captured Infected Mushrooms sound perfectly.

Thanks guys :)

Where can I find music of this “Talpa” guy? :rolleyes:

He released the album “The art of being non” in 2004, wich is a really great album. Very own and special psytrance, with nice ambient vibes


I agree! That’s some awesome stuff he made :panic:

It’s really great, very moody, I love it!

Sounds like godfather on mushrooms :D