Music Calculator

it would be really nice if renoise could calculate delaytimes (1/16 … 1) and predelay in-reverbtimes for the actual BPM and display those values in a msgbox when needed… should be very easy to implement and really helpful when using effects/vsti that are not syncable with vst-host or when using outboard fx…

Add a delay, set it to X 1/16:s, press set and there you have the delay time in ms. No need for another calculator imho :)

i know someone would say that :)
(i do like that now btw :) )

but it is a bit more comfortable to press a button and have
a msgbox than doing it like that anyway… how long could it take
to code anyway? 3 mins? :)

ah yes. and conversion BPM<->hz when using softsynths which dont have LFO’s that sync to host-BPM…