Music Compo With Rns-format

We’re glad to announce the beginning of the new chiptune contest - Chipyxa#6: Autumn Coloured. Compose your best tunes and submit them until December, 3th!

  • Oldschool: ahx, nsf, ay, sid, ym, vgm, sap, mod40k (mod, s3m, xm, it <= 40kb). Mostly classic chiptune sound and style (arpeggios, limited channels, etc. You know what we mean).

  • Newschool: mod, s3m, ,xm, it, skm, rns, hvl, ptk - <= 100kb. Any style of your choice. Remember that it isn’t a “for those who fail 40k optimization” category - try to be creative and innovative.

  • Exe-music (32kb-executable): any music which is represented as a executable file for windows or linux. The file size should be <= 32 Kb.

Can a 87mb sized vst-plugin be still used if the songfile itself is under 100kb? :guitar:

Does it allow dynamic linkage? I think alsa libs on their own are bigger than 32kb :)

External plugin is not allowed. Only internal effect.

Does rns mean that xrns is also accepted for newschool category?

edit: Is compression of samples to ogg allowed if xrns is accepted?

for exe-music:

  • linux-exucutable music: alsa or oss using, it is natural, the binary program file should be size 32kb. But this file should work on the usual distribution kit as Ubuntu, Mandriva, openSUSE, and not to demand additional installations of packages

-windows: The independent 32kb-program using Win API, DirectSound, or that or another entering into base package Windows XP

for example:…ip&fileinfo

No, xrns it is not supposed. Only old rns. Sorry, but in this case we had to resolve mo3 for classical trackers formats. The following time we will consider your wishes.

For exemple:


You basically have to install old version of Renoise to enter the compo? I think XRNS support was introduced in 1.8? So you need to get 1.5 from somewhere?

EDIT: There is no Renoise 1.7. The RNS supporting version was 1.5

Yes! for you it is a challenge? I am sorry.

I would surely participate if xrns was supported. Maybe in the upcoming compos… :)

I think I will take part of the .exe compo. If I can figure out how to make good sounds in 32kb. :)

Same here. Compo seems a bit ‘stranded in time’.

You have convinced me. xrns is accepted , only without ogg-samples. Changes are brought in rules.

Pardon me, but the main benefit of xrns for me was ogg compression! :blink:

Well, it chiptune competition… We will tell so, competition of masters able to create music from very small samples, actually from sine, noise, ets…

Look this: (Renoise understands this format, but hardly)
But the basic idea I think is clear. To use minimalistic samples for melody creation

you can still do like NeuRoTiX did by composing a song with no samples :)

Nervosismi da incostanza nel viaggiare

You’re a hero :D Cheers!

Ashkan Asgary, it is not difficult ;), here, I simply save old XM-trek as xrns and it became even less

I clearly understand, but as you accepted xrns in the compo, I was expecting ogg compression as one of its major features. ;) I think I’m going to evaluate myself anyway. :)

Yes I have/remember that, and it is beyond my imagination! It was close to explode my speakers a few times though ;)

Thanks for the info. :)

At competition the first xrns-module:…ments&id=20