Music For Your Next Aerobics Session


Love it to death!

I love it too. Hell, I would even listen to this music while i’m stuffing myself like a complete pig at the local chinese buffett.
I hope this is downloadable one day, i found the track on soundlcoud and put a big heart on it :drummer:

excellent !!!

thanks people. :)


Hehehe cool :)

Haha great one, maybe ill exercise a little with your music :)

Love you work man, absolute fantastic! :)


i just listened to some of your stuff on youtube. so let me get this straight … you make music that sounds like it’s right out of the 80s in 2011? this is so awsome dude! :D

it sounds so cheesy and real … and so well produced.

I like to turn this up and talk to myself aloud in an overenthausiastic voice; ‘Buy now! The Salad Smasher Pro! It Cuts! It Slices! It will even mow YOUR LAWN! Order now and we’ll throw in a FREE Grape Grinder!!’

oh dear, the people in that video have waaay too much energy. Oh, and great music too. :D I love the 80s feel - you’ve truly captured a musical era!