Music On Youtube

I have to open thiz.

You can find any music from youtube, i mean everything…

Here´s one example, perhaps the neatest track ewer!…feature=related

Feel free to post music to this topic, witch you have found from youtube,
by adding a link like i did.

Great subwoofer testing track! :dribble:

yeah… when I think of a song I haven’t heard in a while, and just wanna listen to it, I usually go to 'tube…

my latest discovery, after listening to something on the BBC about “Heavy Metal Islam”:

The Kominas - Sharia Law in the USA

(it takes over a minute to get going, so you might just wanna skip ahead… enjoy ahahahaha!! :D)

You just exploded my eardrums. Thats just hideous discotrack :)

ha ha ha !

I just wanted to see if this tune is on youtube at all - and someone made a kickass video for it which had 11 views when I saw it… which is a shame, right?