Music Qualifications

hey guys just wondering if you have any qualifications in music, or is it just from personal experience that

you just make music? do any of you have a musical career, if so what does your job entail? sorry for

asking so many questions i love music and really wish i could make myself better at it, i started playing

guitar when i was at 8 years old (had a cheap epiphone one with a free 10watt amp lol) and now have two

more recent guitars. it was only about two and a half years ago i started really getting into compostion on

the computer i used to love old computer artists like aphex twin, boards of canada and autuchre thats what

influenced me to make that style of music because i love it so much. i am 21 years old but im currently in

my second year on uni studying criminology which i hate but everyone is telling me to stick with it because i

have only one year left, but i never seem to be able to do any work because im constantly trying my best to

create a music project, its only until recently i discovered renoise because it was quoted somewhere that

aaoron funk uses it and i love it so been trying to mess about with it all the time (seeing some of the music

created by people on this thread is truely unbelievable, its really inspiring!). I want to take music a step

further thats why i am wondering what everyone elses’ personal experiences are with music, i really want to

take a course in music technology because i personally feel that doing that course will provide me with vital

information such as all the knowledge of sine waves lfo and envelopes etc which i dont really have a clue

about because i havent really studied them, and also wondering if doing that course would provide me with

enough information and a qualification guarenteed to get me a job in the future, but the main reason is that

it would provide me with sufficient information on music and how music works. hahah sorry for the essay

there and my whole life background but i would appreciate it loads if you would tell me about all your

personal experiences cheers everyone

ps sorry if there is any spelling or punctuation mistakes i was always terrible at english in school (although i enjoy reading lol) sorry if you couldnt read ive put in some paragraphs now

loving music is 50%
I don’t know the other 50%, but I guess it’s a mixture of talent and experience

I can’t read that paragraph, it’s too dense.

Throw in a couple of line breaks will yer!

I never took courses or classes, i just downloaded other folks modules, analyzed and learned then just practiced.
Spending money is only worth it if you intend to make it your profession and you need to learn a few things about music and mixing.
For the hobby there is no greater free resource than the net and the community.