Music Software As An Os ?...


I always asked myself if it is possible to make a soft like renoise an operating system. I mean boot directly on it to transform a computer as a kind of groovebox without all other crap eating cpu and make it unstable for liveset.

Maybe it’s a retarded question but I think it could be the perfect tool !


this can be done in a Linux OS: NeuRoTiX has suggested a way to do this in his Linux FAQ in the section “How can I run a stand-alone Renoise environment?”

Yeah, you can build linux with only those subsystems that are crucial for operation and install only renoise in there. I am afraid you won’t have too big advantage on speed though. Maybe 2 - 3 % or so.

I found a stripped version of Win XP to be the best for this when i tried
It booted fastest ran the most stable and ran VST without need of WINE or any other stuff
It is a just a simple case of using Renoise as your desktop
One of the guys on the IRC even helped me writing a tiny script so that when you closed Renoise the PC shut down

Much simpler to do than the Linux route to be honest and i did try all routes to achieve this


Interesting. How much faster did XP boot than linux? I have ubuntu and I can’t ever imagine XP booting faster.
Also, what XP version did you use? There is an optimized version of SP3 over at the Reaper forums, anything to do with that?

Yeah thats the DUX SP3
I just used nlite and stripped it silly (Hit and miss process to get it to run the app you want to run) but you can get it pretty damn tiny
I suspect it booted faster than the Linux OS i tried simply because i didn’t just go trough the whole hassle of building my own Linux build
But it is worth giving nlite a try if you want to run Windows VSTs