Music Workstation Midi Issues

I use a Roland xp-60 music workstation. I have had no problem setting up the midi in/out channels and communication is fine. The problem is, it only works one patch at a time. What I would like to do is assign individual patches (on the xp-60) to differing instruments within renoise. Currently, if I assign two midi instruments to the xp-60, whenever I change the bank or program number, it changes the settings for both instruments in renoise.

Anyone know how to do this? Way back when I was using version 2.5 I could do this, but it seems as if the setup has changed…

in 2.5 you could only select one instrument at a time, so there you had to explicitly select the instrument and send your program changes.
In 2.7 you can assign the same controler to multiple instruments, but this also means they all respond to program changes and patch changes.
There is another difference between 2.6 + lower and 2.7: The new instruments now support unichannel listening (listen to all channels) so if you set midi input, you also have to define a specific midi channel for the particular instrument if you don’t want to have things mixed up.
I don’t know if this counts for program changes and patch changes as well.