Musical items for sale.


For sale: Commodore Sound Sampler
A very rare Commodore 64/128 expansion in working condition (tested only with software on cassette) and in perfect cosmetical shape. Boxed and complete with the diskette, cassette, manuals, cables and everything you see on the photos.

Price: 180 USD.


For all kind of question, please, use the following email (because those items are property of my friend, they dont belong to me, so i cannot answer for him)

Do something with your links, they are not working.

damned dropbox. sorry, ll fix the asap.

Damn you copying the shortened links from somewhere with the …s in them :P


All up and working.

Seems this guy has his box unchecked for the thing you have:

I doubt he will shell out 180 USD for it…

Oh Thanks!