Musician Feedback Site

I have a problem of getting feedback for my works in progress. Nobody around me is a musician and so their feedback is either just something to be nice or it stems from their taste more than anything else.

There are a lot of music community sites out there, but most of them are for finished songs so end users can listen. They’re not really geared up for feedback, and usually the feedback is lame or political (give me a nice review and I’ll give you one).

I would like to know if their is a site for musicians to get feedback from other musicians that is kept private from the public. By being private folks will probably be honest. I know there are a lot of forums like the Renoise song forum where you can get that, but it doesn’t feel like the place. For one thing, as changes occur it might be nice to track.

The other reason I’m thinking about this is because my wife, who is a writer, is a member of a small group who gives each other feedback on a regular basis. It seems to have helped quite a lot.

Anybody know of anything like this?

Aaah, in the good old days when I was a n00b there was CTG Music, which was a great community back then with lots of active reviewers who gave a lot of feedback. CTG was the best site in this regard I’ve ever seen, because reviews were a very important part of it. There were charts for the longest reviews, people who wrote the most reviews in a week would get free ad on CTG etc. I don’t know if any similar site exists today. Trax in Space, OSMusic and some other I knew about seem to be rather inactive.

However, you can get feedback here on our forum. It’s a good place, trust me.

Aaahh good old CTG. I’m pretty sure people use soundcloud for this kinda thing now, as it allows you to timestamp tracks with comments.

I still occasionally put stuff on CTG, but I haven’t gotten a review in for ever, and I get like 8 downloads. That SoundCloud comment widget seems very useful. I might try that site.


CTG died long ago. It was very active when I started using Renoise, but it’s since gone the way of the dodo.

I get some valuable feedback at Kara-Moon forum

Is Trax in Space active at all?

TiS is currently in the “I have no time&&will&&money to continue hosting the site, so I’m curently wasting my time&&will&&money considering the option to close the site or donate the source to someone else” status

I see.

Did you try is also a start I guess…

wow, i didnt knew about this (em411 by Bogdan)

btw, Soundcloud created by a musician too, his name is Eric Wahlforss (aka FORSS). Absolutely stunning music.

How many muscicians does it take to change a light bulb?

  • one to change it and a roomful of others to go “I wouldn’t do it like that”

You forgot the one that tells everyone else they totally suck at what they’re doing and they better start a career as plumbers :D

I’ve considered that particular career change in the past for exactly that reason, but as plumbers never have any time, I decided that I prefer a job that doesn’t interfere with my spare time so I could continue to musically shitting things up and not being paid for it is quite good, nice community as well

IDMforum can be quite “ignorant” rather than intelligent, there’s agood balance…

more of

TiS has been moved to another server. Someone offered server-space.
The streaming ain’t possible as it seems out of order though, but you can still upload and download stuff.
Hosting files on a server is not really a big problem, allowing to stream files from the same server costs though… has a good review and feedback sections and a great community…

Im not sure if its good for feedback but there is soundclick. Im sure theres better suggestions :P