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Since this forum is the best, I want an alternative hang-out to read a little news and pick up a few tips about sound design, production techniques, reviews of VSTs etc.
I now hang at KVR but many people seem very immature, noob-ish and rants/flamewars are very frequent, many topics are pretty useless too.
Any recommendations? Gearslutz seem like a good place to start in a quick look.

Check out

They write about everything from professional DAWs to trackers like Renoise and Milkytracker. Not so many tests and such, but a lot of interesting stuff on creating digital music in various forms.

for DnB / Jungle: DoA
(most of the time, maturity is also a problem here though) has a general forum which is pretty mature and has a great samples section.

it does not have great exposure, but certainly deserves more

big blue lounge mostly mac users, but lot’s of relevant non-os-related subjects.

Yeah, it’s not exactly a busy forum… which is a shame!!


For dutchies…


just take a look at my sig :D
it contains experimental chiptune music and some harder stuff.
you should check it out.

partyflock (not really for musicians but handy for promotional use)

all for dutchies…

I like these:

Industrial community: Darksonus
Breakcore community: Ihatebreakcore

Nice, it looks like I have some checking to do tonight :)
Thanks guys!

Is it me or is this forum completely dead?

It’s no widerstand to be sure, but it’s not entirely dead. They have compos every once and a while. I’m not particularly active on there though.

nice thread :)

foem (big forum with monthly remix competition of well-known techno acts) (good forum)

for germans:
synthesizer forum (big, very mature)
technoforum (very mature, great community)
deejay forum
patrick lindsey forum (great community)

If he wants maturity I would advise to avoid Dogs On Acid and Blackout Audio with a bargepole.

Haven’t been on there for a month or so now but seemed more active than most similarly aimed forums, such as C8.

MartinIR: What kind of music are you into/write? Makes a lot of difference to what would be suitable to suggest.

Good point. I make mostly dance and I want to try some orchestral stuff. I’m not a breakcore guy which many of the regulars seem to be :)