Musicians, Producers and Mastering

ey …

I’ve been listening to demoscene (yes, Renoise belongs to the demoscene!!!) songs/music again.
and well … there are several well-talented dudes out there.

some being able doing it completely (writing AND producing songs or albums).
but some … are way off when it comes to mastering.

I really love hunz ‘all falls down’ song … but whenever I turn up the volume to the fullest, my ears start to bleed.
same happens to several other songs.

what do yall think?

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It seems over-compressed, which leads to ear fatigue.

this is the blessing and curse of training your ear in regards to production and engineering. with your growing knowledge, you can now appreciate a great mix/master, but like you said, you also start to realize a lot of mixes and masters out there make your ears bleed lol. I used to think, in my early days, that it was lame that people would outsource their mastering work, but I understand now. i’ve ruined some of my coolest ideas with, retrospectively, shitty masters.

also… you should probably spare your hearing and not listen with volume at maximum lol :cowboy_hat_face: