Musiclab Realguitar

ever tried Steinberg Virtual Guitarist?

It’s a rhythm guitar emulator and I think it just sucks: it doesn’t allow you to make your own rhythms because it is basically a loop-based instrument: you play some chords on your keyboard, select the rhythm between the available ones, and there you have it… maybe…

I’m currently trying MusicLab RealGuitar, and I think they have made a really better job: you have much more possibilities here, and works great in ReNoise.

No loops involved. A chord-mode is available, but it’s made by simply putting the single-note samples in the right chord sequence.

Also, there are parts of the virtual keyboard which are for strumming and muting purposes.

Because samples count more than words in such cases, I’ve made a short demo of RealGuitar, made in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I’m not really confident with the plugin because I’ve installed it yesterday and just played with it a bit.
click here to hear the demo.
(as I said about other sequencers: now try to do this with Virtual Guitarist :))

I think this is a great plugin for us unable to play guitar and searching for a clean rhythm guitar which is highly customizable.

It costs $149 (Virtual Guitarist costs $249…)

:guitar: (well this smiley was kind of obvious here :rolleyes: )

PS: comments by guitarists would be appreciated

sidenote: a couple of chords in the end have been inserted by using two hands on the MIDI keyboard while pressing the shift key with my left elbow :D

I hear some dissonanced chords there…

well… is made by me, so dissonances are normal :D

anyway I’ve updated the song, making it longer and a bit more natural sounding here and there,

the URL remains the same

That’s what I thought :)

I was thinking about buying Virtual Guitarist… This is much better… It-Alien: you are my saviour… :ph34r:

actually I kicked the VST off my harddisk and just kept the samples (of the electric edition)… they are nice if you want a small backing guitar part and just make it yourself. and virtual guitarist is kinda dead since britney spears used it. :D

Some parts of that sounds really like a real guitarist in my ears, but I´m not a guitar player.

Anyway I think it can “fool” most people who don’t play guitar or make music.

Hmm in my philosophy its not important if it sounds real or not, the important thing is if it sound good, but real is often good because of the small variations etc.


Thanks! I assumed that the samples where baked into the program of virtual guitarist, now I see they are not and that is good.

But Looza you can also use the normal virtual guitarist almost as a electric guitar with some distortion.

Sounds pretty good, could even have been real (and I’m a guitarist :) ),
but it’s too short to really say anything. How much of this is just samples?
Would I still believe it after half a song?

btw, is that reallab for acoustic guitar only ? because I am really not a fan of these sounds … I dont want campfire-music … :D

the demo is currently growing into a song, so I will update the URL again in the next few days.

i’ve used one of the 8 sample presets (Steel guitar picked 2) with some little modifications and no external effects.

Fret noises are added with noteoffs.
Harmonics and mutes are built-in the same program and are triggered by holding some special notes when the normal notes are playing (you have plenty of spacial keys available because the guitar keyboard is of course far shorter than the piano keyboard.

I will also release the RNS file when complete, to let other RealGuitar users check it.

I had some system problems these days, so I didn’t updated the song as I promised.

Anyway, now there is an update.

check it

Very cool!

Yummy sound! :blink:
I’m going to give this VSTI a chance!
I was SO disappointed about Virtual Guitarist for the very same reason.
This is going, instead, to put the guitar-sound matter back on the discussion table :)

musiclab’s guitar sounds good … maybe the release-sound is a little bit too clean … but for 149$ … great!
i think you can hear that in virtual guitar the chords are played by a human and on musiclab the computer makes the chords … don’t know … but it sounds too perfect and clean to me for sample-based chords only.

You see… that’s what any guitar produces! You can start from one clean sound and, today, really end up with almost anything else… still sounding decent.
“just” a clean sound is really what I am after :)

by the way, the 2.0 version of this great plugin has been released!

check out new features

I like 6-String (CW / Pulsar)