MuTaNT•BReaKS••••#14 🙀

The people have spoken!


What: the latest installment of the most disorganized renoise song compilation/competition

When: now! til Feb 1… specifically 11:59:59pm on 2/1/23 in whatever time zone you happen to find yourself

Where: here, duh

Why: because renoise is awesome and you are awesome and we must show the world

•make a NEW song with renoise (no old tracks, please)
•post the song in this thread
•winners will be selected randomly from the top voted songs (top 14? top 14.)

Prizes!!!: who knows? anyone want to throw down?
So far:
•A “renoise… create more music OR ELSE” T-shirt designed and printed by @TNT
see here
•an ounce of organic catnip
•pride and glory

Rules: NO RULEZ! :metal:

ok, some rules:
•song made in renoise (obviously)
•song must contain at least one cat sample of your choosing - doesn’t have to be obvious, but it has to be in there!
•free reign to use VSTI, external effects and processing, but the finished song must exist as an xrns - external mastering is OK
•at least 1 minute, but under 7 minutes
•ONE (final) song entry per person/collaboration - fine to post multiple songs in this thread, but you have to choose your entry by the deadline. If you choose to collaborate, only the one entry is allowed from all participants in the collab

•extra points for submitting your xrns (+3)
•extra points for doing it all in renoise without plugins (+2)
•extra points for vocals that YOU sang (not spoke) (+2)
•extra points for collaboration (+3)

Write a great song and extra points won’t matter!

Voting thread will be created after 2/1/23

Genres: whatever the fuck you want, go nuts

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Who cares?

Let’s GO!!!
:badteethslayer: :clownstep: :walkman: :guitar: :drummer: :w00t: :heart_eyes_cat:

Preliminary art (make your own!):
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 2.06.22 PM


I’m going to try to participate this year. I have never finished a song ever. No time like the present.


boom. that’s right!

you can dooo iiiit :heart_eyes_cat:

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Ok, obviously the rules changed again. Where’s the cat sample everybody has to use?

So let’s see if I can find some time to participate next year. December and January isn’t the best season for a competition, there’s always most likely no time left. Maybe there’s a chance in January to start composing, but this year there’s probably no way. But I already have got an idea how the song should sound like. And I’ve bought some new weapons on Cybermonday for a better overall sound. If I participate I promise two things: 1. As always I’ll never “cheat”, 2. as always I probably won’t do native sound design from scratch, VSTs all the way. :wink:

I assume you’ll need a fresh shirt after partying hard at your Swamp Psy Trance Whatever stuff parties, so keep it. If the winner would also like to get a Renoise shirt and the Renoise staff is ok with it, I can print another one in the winner’s size and with less obnoxious colors. To limit the options I would suggest what you can see in the link above (original “Renoise brown” on black or white). As an option I could also do white or black on a color of choice or a color of choice on white or nature. That’s my little gift to the participating community.


Nice one! I’m in!


Already dug up some cat samples for my granulators to munch on! :smirk_cat:
Let’s do this! :drummer:


Nice, started one up for this; thanks for organizing, hope everyone has fun participating!


:rofl: :rofl:



Fixed :slight_smile:

I would love to try!! I’m in!!


Oh yes! Catastic! My cat and I are in.


Coincidentally I started this track about 2 weeks ago. Firstly it didn’t have title but later I was excited by certain event. About 2 years ago I lived in an attic of a house, where I found pigeon skeleton which I and my girlfriend decided to bury. We put the skeleton in a tin box. On a way to a cemetery we found a shovel. Then we found suitable spot in cemetery, small unkempt wooded area near a fence. This is where we buried pigeon, who we named Felix (allusion to Phoenix- a bird who has risen from ashes). And fairly recently i came back to the same place to see if the grave is still there. It wasn’t there anymore, but there I met small kitten. And I thought to myself: “It’s him- Felix, a pigeon reincarnated into a cat”. I’m not a believer in reincarnation, but I liked this thought and dedicated this song to Felix. In the picture you can see Felix’s grave and the kitten was later pasted into the picture too. When i saw mutant breaks announcement, track was nearly done, I only added Katherine’s (my housemate’s cat who died last year, but i had a record of her voice from many years ago) sample to comply with competition rules. I wanted to do it few days before, but was too lazy to look for this sample. I hope it counts as new song, because it is. My most recent, finished at the right time.

Everything is done with Renoise, all native FX and instruments.


Sure, it can count!
feel free to link to xrns with a file hosting site
:+1: :black_cat:

here are some cat sounds if anyone needs some:
bobcat.xrni (1.4 MB)
housecats.xrni (1.4 MB)
kittens purring.xrni (1.3 MB)
lions.xrni (1.3 MB)
mountain lion.xrni (803.0 KB)

“housecats” is a mapped as a kit, there are a few different sounds in there, all the others are single samples.


Go to freesound, search for “cat”…

…2717 sounds, 1688 of which are CC0 (public domain)…

…'nuff kitten meow over there for all of us…


Cool !! Thank You !!

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About to spend the next few weeks following my cat around with a Zoom recorder.


My cat suddenly becomes shy when I want to capture his voice. But if I’m trying to record something with a microphone other than him that’s also the exact moment he feels the need to be loud. :upside_down_face:

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open up a can of meat :slight_smile: .

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…who will sponsor some catnip and valerian to attract some cats and get them into proper mood?