Radium - a better(?) tracker...

:laughing: This guy… OR ELSE!


The problem is also that nothing works as expected. You even have to type “yes” to quit the program. Copy paste has different short cuts, it took me half an hour to loop a section, etc.
etc. There’s some potential, but it must be more intuitive.

Also got again some 200 dB bursts which got luckily muted by Radium. I guess that’s a problem of some LASPA Plugins however I pulled in the module window.

Hey, “or else” is slang and stands for “or something else”, didn’t you know? :upside_down_face:

For sure. And less messy. And less buggy. And less nerdy. But as long as it’s not way better than Renoise it’s neither interesting nor worthy the time bothering with it. It took me 1-2 evenings to learn Renoise. If an experienced tracker guy needs more than that to learn Radium there’s something wrong. It should at least be possible to create proper songs after a short amount of time. Otherwise better stick to your usual DAW.

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Not here, it ain’t :smiley: I’m sure you already know, but ‘or else’ is an open-ended threat!

“Do what I say, or else.” Leaves the person being told “or else” to use their imagination. I’m almost positive you know this, but if you didn’t - my, that is funny :rofl: I’m not making fun, it’s funny for real!

I always understood it like “Do what I say, or else” could also be replaced by “Do what I say, or…” or “Do what I say, otherwise…”. So yes, you’re right. But I have to admit that I also always use it like a shortcut for “or something else”. I’m pretty sure the reason is a mixture of “I’ve seen this term several times” and the fact that it’s a literal translation from German to English also meaning “and others” or “and other things” besides “something else”. So yeah, kinda confusing. I’m sorry. At least it’s funny. :slightly_smiling_face:


that’s why I want it on my tombstone :wink: …or at least a t-shirt

renoise… create more music, OR ELSE

I was unfamiliar with the german-derived usage, just the american folk idiom…

the more you know…:upside_down_face:

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A personal shirt? There you go:
TS rns

TS rns2

If you tell me your address we can make it happen. :wink:
But if you do, don’t forget to tell me your size and the desired shirt color.

As I said, I’ve seen this several times and I don’t think it’s specificly a “german-derived usage”, but maybe this is just an internet shortcut. People who are online obviously lose their ability to write properly, not only because mankind is getting more moronic every single day. They’re also lazy. Sometimes I’m lazy, too. Anyway, I try to fight my aim to write as short as possible in future, especially in a foreign language. :grin:


OMG, I fukkin love it :rofl:

I’ll pm you my info. you should totally sell these!

This is great!

Thanks! It took 5 minutes to create the motif. :sweat_smile:

Just give me the license and I can produce all the merch. Check this. :wink:
But it’s ok to produce a personal shirt. And I don’t want any money from you, it’s free. A guy like you who contributes something to the Renoise community should be rewarded, right? You’re welcome.

Now let’s get back to Radium, guys.

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Thanks, brotha!! Much appreciated

And yes, radium…

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Alright! finally arrived!
user @TNT is an absolute legend in my book now for this. Cheers, mate :beers:

Thanks! I will definitely be rockin this out and about at events and such


It was a pleasure, mate. :wink:
I’m not 100% satisfied with the result (you know the reason), but it’s good and now that I know the settings it will be better in future if you need another shirt. When you wish obnoxious colors things can happen. So it took exactly 14 days until the shipment has arrived. Good to know. I think from now on it will take a lot longer within the next 4 weeks during christmas business. It seems the selected size fits pretty well?

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Yes, pretty well, although I think I could have gone a size smaller and it would have been a bit better fit. But, all things considered, baggy > tight :+1:

Just wash it hot :hotsprings:

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I already see two things there i have suggested as Renoise features in the past. The seemless sequence automation and optional wave representation vertically across the tracks.

Looks neat. Looks weird (in a good way). Don’t think Id ever want it as a replacement for Renoise but def looks fun to use as something different now and then.

Did you ever use it?

You could optionally put waveforms or piano roll in the background directly in the automation editor of Renoise. It would not change the overall appearance, but would still add this visual functionality.