Mutant Breaks #4

WTF is nasty fresh

by the way, i’m in like… a cucumber?

It’s not allowed to use the word ‘cucumber’ and ‘in’ in the same sentence here on the forum.

thanks for mentioning that. i you hadn’t, i would’ve.

what are the rules in regard to vst/au usage

I’m done. where do i send this shit to? (please excuse if i have missed something obvious)

Post in the thread or PM me for my email.

I’m not sure if I can make it. I really hope I’m wrong.

Ok, i will kick things off.

i find its better not to over think this stuff and if i leave it too late then i will forget that i intended to enter.

enjoy…or cower

Conner_Bw i will send you the XRNS

Nice kickoff. Great tune The Crude Assembly.

cheers, we will see how it fairs

+1 :drummer:

Loving the energy :yeah:

this Mutant Breaks comp is without any samplepack ? bring my own stuff?

Yes, it’s BYOB.

(Bring Your Own Breaks)

That’s just an Aussie thing right? Because if someone turns up to one of my raves like that, they might just get ejected.

PS: I’m in.

PPS: Am I right in thinking this is for some serious fucked up core shiznizlebizle?

Sweeeet track! :panic:

cheers guys

Sounds awesome. I’m new to Renoise and just composed my first song. I would like to submit it to this competition if at all possible. I will, of course, include the XRNS file.

So, I’m in like a-virus-that-just-wrecked-your-server-and-wiped-out-all-competition-so-there-is-no-way-I-could-lose. (In all honesty, that won’t be necessary. I’ll win based on pure skill . . . and a little bit of luck.)

Here you go guys: Blackened. The song is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA, so remix the hell out of it (so long as it’s not for commercial purposes, you credit me, and you share the new file under the same license, kapeesh?). The link leads to a player for the MP3 file and further links to the lossy WAV file and the XRNS.

Oh, and a big +1 to myself.

Nice. +1

Alright, thanks Cybermonk.

Deadline Novermber 6th. No extensions. Keep em coming.