Mutant Breaks #4




Mutant Breaks #4
Renoise’s most unorganized music competition since 2008.

Theme: Once a year this shit is mandatory!
Deadline: Sunday, November 6th, 2011.
Genres: Electro / Bassline / Breakbeats / Jungle / Drum & Bass / IDM / Breakcore / Dubstep / Experimental / Noise


One entry per contestant.

Participants must vote for 3 different tracks or they are disqualified. Feel free to vote for yourself as one of the choices. It won’t affect the outcome. It only serves as a collective benchmark for quality.

If the artist shares an XRNS, then total votes are multiplied x 2. Incentive to see more XRNS this year!

The top 10 tracks, eg most votes, are written on equal sized pieces of paper and put into a hat.

The first piece of paper that my ~17 month old daughter picks out of the hat wins $100 Canadian dollars, to be sent via PayPal.

Don’t know what Mutant Breaks is? Don’t understand the rules? Well then, too bad! Nah, just kidding. Check the links from the last three years for some idea. Barely:

Drill and bass, for the ladies.

Trotch on!

I’m in like Phat Pants and beads, w00t! [center]

I changed the deadline. For some reason I thought December was next month. Senile bass.

Deadline is Sunday, November 6th 2011.

I trust that you will provide video evidence of the winner being picked randomly from the hat? :)

Rave school.

Indeed I will. Babies are huge on YouTube.

It’s a rave thing :)

Phat pants

Beads (aka Candy/Kandi)

yes! will build something for this one next weekend!


May we use VST’s and VSTi’s?

I’m in, ye cunts!

Rule #1: Use Renoise, honour system.

Rule #2: No rules.

Rule #3: Something something something XRNS something VOTES x 2 something DARK SIDE.

The short answer is yes you can use VST and VSTi. But, if we can’t play the XRNS because we don’t have the plugins, well that sort of sucks… But, it still counts!

Would love it!

Sign me up to this shit, mofos!

I’ll go mutant in all ur asses! So no need to turn in anyhing 'cause you’ll all looooooooose!

Oh, no need to sign up. d’oh

Alright man, I signed you up. You are now able to send in your track.


It’s been two years. I am down.


wahrk 'bout to get nasty fresh up in this bitch.[/s]

I’m down.

Why Hip hop isn’t on that genres list? :D

hey, if you can do Mutant Break-Drill’n’Hop or some shit, go right ahead!

I’m feeling Death Grips these days.