Mutant Breaks #6

Adorable video, tough pinata indeed.

Congratulations to the winners and happy holidays everyone. :)/>

Congratulations winner!! And, thank you for everyone great music!! :drummer: :yeah: :D

What on earth. Thank you sirrrrr! And thank you voters! Aaand gratz for all the rest and runner ups and whatnots and all the people who didn’t even enter the compo!

Awesome compo with the most amazing baguette yelding action I’ve seen so far. Conner_Bw for prezident.

hey dfast , happy for you , i remember your sweet tunes all the way from traxinspace (some 14 years ago ago? wow im getting old :lol:

to connor , big big up for this wonderful mutant break that is 6 becoming strong each year… this is the first time since 2011 that my track is up for the finals so i feel that i achieved my goal for this time around

anyway , big shout for all of you wonderful community and mutant breakz heads … even though i’m not celebrating Christmas i have little clip for ya’ll :lol:

Awesome Conner, thx for all this craziness! dfast well deserved, congrats! Merry Xmas to everyone, mutant or not. :walkman:

Congratulations dfast! Absolutely deserved victory.

Will definitely wait for Mutant Breaks 7.

Congrats to pinata-winner dfast and hat-winner mysmiakos! And huge thanks to Conner_Bw for keeping this very special madness running!

Hehe :guitar:

Very cool, congrats winner! Great contest, big big thanks to Connor for putting this together!

Honestly didn’t expect the pinata to be more resilient than the baguette!

Yeah, I even froze the baguette! In hindsight, I think we should have hung it upside down and aimed for the head… Lesson learned.

Congrats guys and thanks for the challenge Conner, hope there will be a #7 next year. :)

hey congrats to dfast the winner,
big thanx to everyone
I really enjoyed this compo
and thank you conner_bw for all this
it was a nice ride

Sorry no, couldn’t make it in time.

So cute how she is smashing the top 8. :D Go Papa! \o/ woohoooo

can’t stop laughing… how hard you punched the pinata to make it break !!! ahaha

congrat dfast !

Inspiring, thanks!

dfast, is there a chance that you provide another xrns download, because I cannot unpack your zip using Mac OSX (tried a bunch of tools)? Thanks.

Weren’t all the xrns’ in the main download pack? Did you try that one?

does anybody have the mp3s from mutant breaks #2?? is broken :(

These links work for me:

MBC7 just announced

Let’s keep this madness going!!