Mutant Breaks #6

WINNER ANNOUNCED! Mutant Breaks #6



Renoise’s most unorganized music competition since 2008 presents:

Mutant Breaks #6
Theme: Renoise 3 Speculation Thread

Sunday, December 15th, 2013.

Electro / Bassline / Breakbeats / Jungle / Drum & Bass / IDM / Breakcore / Dubstep / Experimental / Noise

$100 (CAN, via PayPal)


No rules!

A bunch of rules.

One entry per contestant.

Participants must post their track as a link in this thread. No private emails. If you need space use Dropbox, Ubuntu One (works on Windows, Mac and Linux, is a referral URL) and use their public url feature, or whatever works. This your problem not ours.

After Decmeber 15th, participants reply to this thread with a vote for 3 tracks. Feel free to vote for yourself as one of the choices. It won’t affect the outcome. It only serves as a collective benchmark for quality.

Participants who don’t vote before December 20th are disqualified. Anyone who votes for my track is disqualified.

If the artist shares an XRNS, then their total votes are multiplied x 3

The top ~8 tracks, eg most votes, are tied to a piece of candy and placed inside paper mache pinatas hung from the ceiling. My daughter beats the piniatas with a french baguette. The first candy to be eaten wins.

Don’t know what Mutant Breaks is? Don’t understand the rules? Well then, too bad! Nah, just kidding. Maybe. Check the links from the last five years for some ideas:

Master blaster!

I actually laughed out loud. :lol:/>

Once a year…
This shit is mandatory!

Hahah yeaaah Mutant Breakz is back! Good to all, I look forward to hearing all manner of awesomeness :)/>/>

Edit: I knew 00.1 was a plant! :P

I wonder what your daughter thinks about MBC once she grows up, hah! Awesome.

I should have something ready before deadline, probably something junglish with vocals.

These mexican-canadians :? :P LOL

Not sure about this because my MF laptop adaptor died.

Ok so I got a laptop adaptor once more. Are any production methods (read: VSTs) simply allowed?

Yes, anything and everything is fine.

The most important thing: If you share the XRNS your recieved votes are multiplied x3. This makes a huge difference.

It doesn’t matter if the XRNS is multi-platform, missing VST on target systems, or whatever.

I don’t get it entirely though, why would you share the xrns, you get improved chances of making somebody else win? :D alright

Interesting if anyone actually picks up on the theme. How about “A Shot in the Dark”?

No, the opposite. The votes you receive are multiplied x3. Not the votes you give.

Example: Jimmy posts a MP3. Jane Posts a MP3+XRNS. Jimmy gets 1 vote. Jane gets 1 vote.
Conclusion: Jimmy’s total score is 1. but Jane’s total score is 3.

Finally: The goal is to make it into the top ~8, not get the most votes because the most votes does not determine the winner. Please read the last 5 years of thread to get an idea of what is going on. This is not a real contest. Rather, this is a meta-contest that acts as social commentary about contests, with references to past contests, that come together in the guise of a contest, for contests sake, so that a bunch of drunks can get together and judge each other.

Good luck!

Drum beat that thread like a bread horse.

Ah, how about interpreting the theme as “produce the song you’ve always wanted to, once feature XYZ was implemented”.

Setting the bar low. Enjoy?


Edit: Changed to https based on Kurtz advice.

Anyone who votes for my track is disqualified. Rules updated.

I kinda like the song especially at 1:52 / btw with ubuntuone you should add a “https:” url link type instead of a “http:” url link type, otherwise some peeps could get a “Could not access backend storage” error in the end ;)

MB6 started with theme “Renoise 3 speculation thread”. Contestants required to vote for 3 tracks. Votes are multiplied by 3.

3+3+3 = 9

6-9 = -3

abs(-3) = 3

Renoise 3 confirmed!

(Yeah, I’m down. Been a couple years, so I guess it’s time)

b-b-but what if dis happens??!


You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board.

no geef )))=

don’t worry, there’s candy. What disguise of paper mache could stand between a child and candy?

Batman pinata perhaps? Private GIF