Mutant Breaks #6

Had to get out of this loop and release this dry at stage one, composition only.
Stage two being production, effects, etc. is inside the xrns but its a mess, just got
annoying with headphones for a while - BLEEP BASH BASH SWEEP BLEEP.
I’ll release the xrns but I have to delete some things out.

EDIT: “xrns_mtb06”
EDIT: Changed wav download to mp3 download.

298 pancakes - close but no cigar.

Here’s my entry, quite a peaceful IDM.

Download .XRNS

But, baguette vs. pinata? I have had some very crusty super market banquettes but still am concerned, what happens if baguette breaks first? I am sure that seeing who wins that battle will be very entertaining too!

I was thinking the same thing, but i also came up with a solution if baguette fails. Either reinforce it with steel or soak it in water and put in freezer. :P


Offensive 1, Baguette 0!


–EDIT: soundcloud track now set as downloadable per instructions from the competition organizatorial directorate. :)

KMaki. Can’t download the WAV/MP3. Please set download to true on your SoundCloud, otherwise I can’t accept this entry. Gotta be able to package all entries at the end for voting. Cheers!

Offensive 1, Baguette 175bpm


Hey Dunks, (and all future posters), you need to switch the Dowload switch on you Souncloud track. So I can package a votepack at the end of this. Thanks.

All done.

Let’s go…


Big kiss
HOORRRAAAYY!! More Mutant Breaks!
The above is a track that I made in a field with abunch of cows! Really!
There are several in this series of jams,. but this qualifies best for Mutant Breaks-
Amen & Sniper breaks, 303 and 808 samples, little bits of random house sillines, and of course brutal edits!

Bovines lovethe ACEEEDD–

oh below is a Dropbox Link to the 32bit float file!


Cool! Got XRNS?

Great competition :D

Here`s my attempt:


Cool. Got XRNS?

(x3 bonus)

I also want to participate in this compilation :walkman:

I am not good at English. :(
I have the help of “google” teacher :lol:

“No rules!” = Remix ok?

If I have violated the rules, I will remove this song :rolleyes:

I have remixed the song of Squarepusher. “Iambic 9 Poetry”

Buy link → XRNS

Thank you,

Great work!


OH! I willinclude my BovineAcidJungle.XRNS soon as i get a chance toupload to DB!
This is almost TOO much FUN!

Icic le .XRNS pour Bovine Acid Jungle par Monsieur Cartouche

+~The mixed version of this session is an improvised set using various means to control Renoise// pattern=switching on the fly!

If allowed, replace the first mp3 that I uploaded with this one…
its the same song, just had more time in the killing fields on this one.

The xrns is pretty much the same, I just replaced the the vst synths with samples instead.

Anyhow, its always nice to hear a good chunk of entries to make the voting challenging.

Nice job everyone.