Mutant Breaks [lucky] #13

…crunching the xrns file, verysoon – >

Not easy to choose, there are many compsitions I would put on par.

No critics, no comments, I used only ears and result feel to pick up :
My 3 favorites tracks are :

#1 Kara Kusa - Timeless Rotten Orange
#2 JTPE - Bea5menator
#3 daed - Division Nightmare

And I loved many others which I can’t name, respecting the voting rules. :wink:
Very nice compilation. “Hurray” to everybody.
Thanks again Zen for your dedication.

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Here is my xrns

Ah damn. I didn’t see that requirement. Either way, I’ve been sick and haven’t had the time to revise it, so oh well.

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Hi Zen, nice track, could you please explain the formula you have included for keeping the lfo in time?

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Yeah sure, the formula is based upon two things:

  1. Renoise supports BPMs from 20 to 999. So that’s
    999-20= 979 possible BPMs.

  2. The LFO device splits whatever parameter you are modulating into 100 percents.

When you modulate the BPM with an LFO device, you need to know how the BPM correlates to the percentages you put to your custom envelope. 979/100 = 9,79 which means that one percent is precisely 9,79 BPM.

On top of this you need to take into account the fact that Renoises possible BPMs don’t start from zero but from 20. So to take into account the positive offset of 20, you need to subtract 20 from the actual BPM you are going from.

If x is the BPM you want to create a point for, you can calculate the exact percentage of the said point with:
( x - 20 ) / 9,79 = the percentage you should put on the point

This assumes 100% amplitude and 50% offset on the LFO device.

Hope this helps. I figured this out when the beatsync function was implemented and I wanted a way to randomly speed up or slow down samples into spesific BPMs that are rythmically relevant to eachother. If you use another LFO and a keytracker, like I showed in the end of my XRNS, this method makes it possible to have a sequenced sample and hold with quantised output values upon any parameter, including the BPM and LPB. Makes metric modulations super easy and you can do some very experimental stuff with it too. Stuff that’s most definitely not possible with all DAWs.

You can also take it a step further by adding another similar layer which controls the rate of the LFO controlling the BPM modulating LFOs rate. This allows you to sequence (or sample and hold) the rate of the sequencing of the BPM. There’s also many other ways to use this technique, I definitely haven’t uncovered all the possible implications. Many experiments yet to be done here.

I should also point out that whether you’re sampling and holding using a key tracker device (using note triggers in pattern) or using a fixed rate random LFO to trigger the BPM change, both ways cause the “sequencer” that’s triggering the BPM change to also change its speed. This means that if you put two points, let’s say for 60 BPM and 120 BPM, the higher tempo will always cause the next BPM change to happen twice as fast. This means that the BPM will stay in 60 about twice as much as in 120 BPM. You can compensate for this using twice as much space in the LFO devices custom envelope for the higher tempo (3 points 1=60BPM 2=120BPM 3=empty/120BPM). I would assume that there’s most likely a possible way to use the hydra device (or at least the formula device) to go around this problem too, but I haven’t bothered looking into it seriously.

Hope this helps! Happy experimenting!

EDIT: updated to reflect the changes in the 3.4.1 update (lowest BPM was changed from 32 to 20)


Also, changed my artist name recently to SimulatedXen for a more fitting description of the aesthetic I’m going for (can’t change the forum user name apparently). You call me SZ or SX or Xen or whatever. But having two “Zens” around is probably going to lead to confusions. As I can’t easily change the forum username, let’s say it’s SZ. :wink:


Wow! That is awesome SZ. :exploding_head:

I’m going to try to use this. Thanks for the insights!

Ok thats cool but i dont think thats what i was looking for,im trying to find a formula for inputting lpb changes in the pattern editor while never breaking the ‘master length’ of a pattern if that makes sense.Cool trick though!

Maybe a better way of saying it is im looking to input multiple lpb changes in a pattern but have it so it plays exactly the same as a pattern of one particular lpb.

Mind blowing song and xrns !!

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Okay I’ve listened to everything, here are my votes:

1. Comfortably Awkward - Freestyle Ramen
2. Hamatabe Sound - ZTTK
3. soundbike - transience 118

It’s hard to decide, I might have to revise this after some further listening!

I’m not quite sure I’m following. Inputting multiple ZLxx commands the and figuring out how to keep the absolute time it takes to complete the pattern same? I don’t know if there a simplified universally applicable formula for that. Halving the LPB essentially halves the playback speed of the pattern and doubling the LPB doubles the playback speed. I haven’t really bothered too much with ZLxx stuff. The problem you are going to run up against is that you cannot input decimal points into LPBs, so compensating for anything more complicated than some multiple of either doubling or halving is going need some elaborate thinking of how to go about it. My guess is that (without compensating with BPM and/or TPL changes) some LPB changes would be simply unusable if your going for the absolutely same length of the pattern in time. Prove me wrong though, I haven’t looked too deep into it.

And anyway, we should probably make another thread for this in the “Tips and tricks” section. We don’t want to clutter the official MBC 13 thread with too much technical stuff.


Yeah you have it there.You know what I’m saying

Well, it’s funny, more than once I’ve considered changing my artist name to xenosphere…

@slujr works for me, too, so no worries

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TL:DR: See below.

I’ve listened to everyone’s tracks multiple times. So many good choices here and especially picking a number 3 is HARD for me. Truly, I could make a top 5 out of my top 3 candidates. So I went for the one that gave me the biggest smile.

#3 Kara Kusa: MB13 - Timeless Rotten Orange

Rough and violent but in a cute way. Like an angry rodent jumping and down biting on your leg but not really hurting you. To me this track has a sense of humor. And I like how it subtly speeds up and escalates towards the end.

#2 SimulatedXen - Clockdrifter

I’m impressed by this track on many levels. The music itself, but also way it was made. The level of detail is staggering. Looking at the xrns was eye opening and inspiring. @SimulatedZen I want to buy an ep or album with more of your stuff. Where can I do that?

#1 Benefit of The Boomerang - Organic Mechanism

This track just resonates with me. When I hear it coming on I feel like a light gets turned on in my brain. And everything gets bathed in a soft glow of warm light. I’ve heard it more than 20 times already and it hasn’t lost any of its potency for me yet. And looking at the xrns file also yielded me some new ideas on what I can do inside of Renoise.

My top 3:
#1 Benefit of The Boomerang - Organic Mechanism
#2 SimulatedXen - Clockdrifter
#3 Kara Kusa: MB13 - Timeless Rotten Orange

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I’m putting together the Soundcloud playlist for the official Renoise account. If you want to be included on that then please upload your track to Soundcloud and post it in here. This affects the following people:

@PrinzNika - You seem to have this set to private or something? It can’t be used atm.


@Achenar Here’s my post in Soundcloud format:

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My votes for this event are as follows. My criteria are based on sound-design/engineering and abstract pattern work.

#1 •zensphere• / SLVJR: time paradox
#2 JTPE: BEA5menator
#3 sunnk: mbc xiii

With a runner-up: SimulatedXen: Clockdrifter

Excellent work to all who participated, with some very unique adjustments to creating odd-time metered pieces and varied soundscapes!


Good job everyone, it’s getting harder and harder to select the best these days.

  1. Highway rehab - Calm
    Lovely sounds for a cold windy day, now I just need a hot drink.

  2. SimulatedXen - Clockdrifter
    Sounds like a crazy sci-fi experiment to me, you must have rendered a lot of sounds to make this work I suppose.

  3. Achenar - No Mercy For Tyrants
    The only thing I’m missing is if it had some dystopian voice in a quiet breakdown part in the middle. Very fitting title.


Here’s my .xrns song file. I had to render down the Brass instrument.