Mutant Breaks [lucky] #13

Finally :eek: !!!

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. i am composing already …

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Try 8/8 maybe :joy:

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Oh nice, a new compo, gonna give it a go.
Unfortunately don’t know what breakbeat is… Any link to previous MB12?

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Time for 13/8

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Is it even possible to make dubstep without 4/4? :thinking:

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We will go where no man has gone before

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Thanks, that helps; I do like stuff with ‘core’ in the name, will check some of those syles.

Also found a link to the last winner, turns out it is a ‘remix’, and gotta say, while it is
a cool choon, it’s nothing like what i was thinking of when i saw the name ‘mutant breaks’!

Link below if anyone want’s a listen to the previous winner:


That is not the best example IMHO. Renoise hosts the playlists on their soundcloud page listen to more than just one track.

The winner is randomly chosen from the top 10. Just do your own thing.


Yeah! It’s a pretty good gig, too. Doing software dev.

It’s not the good link, the previous winner track is here ^_____^


Ok guys i made a little something but i cant determine the time signature


Make one in 4/4 and then reduce the row count until it’s 3/4 :face_with_monocle:

I’m in this year! (If life chills for long enough for me to sit down and do it.)

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To piggyback on above, perhaps this timesig bending tool still works :sunglasses:;

com.kmaki.TimeSigBender.xrnx (13.3 KB)

Originating from this thread, made by @KMaki ; Script Idea (Done): Pattern Divider & Juxtaposer …it seems to be missing there so I took the liberty to archive it back into an xrnx.


Not sure how that could work? The snare has to be on the third beat out of 4, or else it won’t sound like dubstep. I could make the count 3/4 and put a snare at the third beat, then skip 3 beats, put a snare on the first, then on the second, then third and so on, but i’m not sure that would change the time signature or simply just make it very difficult for myself? :thinking:
Well, all the other percussions could have different time signatures though, so i could for instance do a 12/8 and put the snare on the seventh beat.
I don’t really know music theory, so i may have gotten it all wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

you could make dubstep in 7/8 or 9/8 or 17/8 and others. It is definitely sometimes made in 12/8. a lot of riddim dubstep has triplet feel 12/8. I think the rhythmic structure is not the most important signifier of the style. as long as it’s a 140-150 bpm halftime feel with dank-ass bass it should feel like dubz, imo. I’ve got a dub section in 7/8 in a track I’m working on rn :upside_down_face:

Where would you place the snare in 7/8?
As far as i know the snare placement is the most important characteristics of dubstep, where snare always is placed half way in. I’m not great at genres, so i might be wrong, but that is what i have considered to be dubstep.

for 7/4: kicks on 1 and 5, snares on 3 and 7. It’s gonna feel wonky, but that’s kinda the point :upside_down_face:

for 7/8 I’d probably still put the snare on 5

To my understanding the snare in 7/8 would be at 3 and a half if it should sound like dubstep, putting it on 5 how can that sound like dubstep? I’m just getting more and more confused here?
Can you link to an example of dubstep that sounds wonky like this?