Mute and Solo Automation?

Hello guys

I am trying to do automation on some tracks (Solo one track while all others are muted)… Do you have any idea how to automate clicking ON/OFF/MUTE in Mixer or there is other way? I simply want to avoid clicking OFF to all tracks except one I want to be heard, and I often do it manually. There might be a command for that? Script? Shortcut?

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Assuming that muting tracks in the pattern matrix is not enough, a workaround is to add a Gainer device, set the volume to -INF dB, and automate the Gainer device’s Active / Bypassed parameter. When active, it will function as a “mute”, and when bypassed, it will work as an “unmute”.

I can’t think of an easy workaround for soloing, seems to me that if there was one, it would be a bit convoluted and not worth the hassle. Otherwise, as you probably are aware, there is no way to directly automate mute and solo.

Are you doing this while song is playing and sometimes you want to listen different tracks and sometimes animate those changes?

Automating Gainers enable/bybass on each track sounds good solution. You can automate that also in track view by right-clicking Gainers on/off switch to add effect command (e.g. 10 00 or 10 01).

You could also use hydra-device to animate many gainers by one switch.

CTRL + numpad 1-9 are shortcuts for mute/unmute first nine tracks.

I am just curious what is your workflow or the situation when u doin this? is it playing/creating tune, mastering, performing-live? to better help you

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I’m looking to do this too!

It looks like there is a way to assign track mutes to midi control.

Presumably, now the only step is to assign a midi button to this control and record it.

Without a midi controller, is this still possible? Can some midi magic be done without a controller? I’m trying.