Mute groups

Hi there,

how can I set up mute groups in the new sampler?

As there no real “group” concept in a renoise multispamled instrument, you can achieve the behavior of a mute group by setting NNA to “Cut” for each sample of the “group” you would like to emulate; you can select multiple samples at once and apply NNA setting to them at once

But then they are also cut by other ones (outside the non-existing group), aren’t they? That I could also do, or not? So there is nothing new in 3.0 that enables this basic thing? I was actually hoping that besides adding new stuff to the sampler (which is undoubtedly cool, don’t get me wrong!), the basic stuff would also be finished eventually, but unfortunately that again did not happen. It seems we still need to load a VSTi sampler into Renoise (which is supposed to be all about sample manipulation) to do basic sampler stuff (live drumming, automating sample start, etc.).
Maybe I am this surprised by the limitation to use the sampler live, because from the “what’s new” page, the update clearly sounded to be all about sampling and live performances, so…yeah…
Maybe your nomenclature for is just a bit confusing sometimes…When people hear sampler they get expectations from other samplers they know. The same with the word DAW. I thought at some point I understood that Renoise is different with a different approach, but with the Renoise team constantly using words like DAW and sampler, I too started to get the idea that they are really heading for those things. So what now? It would be nice to have just be a bit more clear on this or so.
It is a bit like if you created a cool rocket and then call it airplane. Then even if a rocket itself is super cool (I mean, it is based on rocket science after all!) people will still think of it differently when they are told to call it airplane…

Sorry, this answer should have probably partly be posted in the 3.0 beta announcement thread or so…It’s just that I am starting to get really confused.