Mute Record

I know this has been touched upon before in other topics, but I thought I’d give it one of it’s own. If y’all feel it’s redundant, or double posting, or whatever, feel free to remove it.

I always find myself looping up a tune and playing around with the mutes to see what works and what doesn’t. And I always wish I could record it somehow, so I wouldn’t have to manually go in and find the exact spots to do volume automation, delete a bunch of stuff, punch in off commands, or which ever else way you might do it. Being able to record the mutes (from the main mutes/off view up top), with delay, would be a godsend really. An excellent way to do some live editing to get some variation & groove (imo). It would def suit my way of composing at least, as I do most things live, I more often then not record everything live, I do automation live, so to be able to just sit, listen and groove to the tune and record the mutes live as well would be awesome.

You could see it like masks in photoshop, non destructive editing of your tunes.

Maybe you could even do different takes which are all saved so you can switch between them on the fly in some fashion, or drag and drop to another part of the song, that would rock my socks even more :yeah:

I think this is already possible.
If you add a gainer in every chain and set gain to -INF db you can use the gainer on/off button as a mute button and record it while playing the song.
Or did I just suggest a workaround?

That’s pretty intuitive! You could even group tracks that way, with gainers on sends! Nice idea, I might try just that for jamming :)

@charlylinch, yes a workaround, but one that’s sounding pretty decent… I’ll have to try it out asap. My suggestion still stands tho :)

I totally want the non-destructive mute recording function!..thats a great idea! yeah, im down with that fo sho

when recording track mutes by using the gainer do you right click the button with the tick in it on the top mid-left of the gainer box?..i cant seem to get it to record that way.

maybe just on/off in the mixer window, using ‘enter’?

I’m gonna shamelessly bump this, as it’s a feature I’d still love to see.

I’ve gone so far as to live record my songs into another proggie now, just so I can use the mutes to get some extra groove going. Haven’t mixed down a song properly in quite a while.

I have no idea in renoise scripting language yet, but if some1 with experience could wrote script that turn off track (like enter key) while it is muted, and turn on while its unmuted, and this script could have turn on/off switch. I think this cant be so hard and it would be perfect addition to autoclone script.

Theres also, another way if theres midi keyboard or some controler. You can map keys as lunchpad, and take option for multiple bindings to bind umute/mute to it, and volume switch on/off. With automation it will record sound 00 to pattern when track is muted.


Would love to see this feature in the next version.

Would be useful.