Mute track, but still send MIDI?

Hi all,

I’m rediscovering, and in fact discovering, the joys of trackers after loving them back in the Amiga 1200 days but never having the knowledge to use them well. Renoise is making me very happy!

One thing I have now, but never had in my teenage Amiga days, is a small amount of external MIDI-enabled kit. (Including, in this case, an Amiga 1200 with its lovely Paula sound chip.) I’m hoping to use Renoise to send MIDI information from a track to various devices, and have got that successfully working.

Is there a way, though, to ‘mute’ a track but still send MIDI notes to the external synth? I have tracks with a placeholder instrument for when I’m working away from my MIDI connections. I’d like to be able to plug in, ‘soft mute’ that track, but have the notes still sent out to the external synth.

Is that possible? I haven’t been able to work it out in my first few hours of tinkering with Renoise. Is there a simpler way to do what I want that I’m not seeing?

I’m very new to Renoise, so it’s possible that there’s something clear in the documentation that I’m not finding because I don’t know the right term.

You can put a gainer device at the end of your effects chain to mute a track that you still want to use data from. I use this for using tracks as key tracker data to effect another tracks device parameter but should work the same I think. You can also load a blank Instrument. I haven’t exported midi to hardware so I could be wrong. If this doesn’t help please describe your signal flow from track to hardware. Cheers


That’s absolutely perfect, thanks!

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