Mute-unmute Vs Save

I’m not sure where to post this :unsure:
The action of “muting” (you know, clicking on a trackscope obtaining a big X on it) is actually not considered “worth” saving.
(This goes with the “Not saving if nothing changed” feature in the diskop… oops… “disk browser:rolleyes: )
Is channel mute-unmute an action worth activating the “save” icon?
To me it looks like it is well worth… at the point that I was tempted to post this on the bugs forum…

actually, I hate when I load a song which I have saved with muted channels and then I get muted channels back.

Yes, I know what you mean… I hate it too when I forget muted channels in the song and have to change them manually… but that’s the way it is supposed to work. “Save” -must- remember what channel was muted and what channel was playing… the problem I’m trying to underline goes like: you save a song with muted channels… some time after you load it again and find out that the muted channels are obviously muted. Then what… you un-mute the channels but… you can’t re-save the song… because just “un-muting the channels” is not worth activating the save option… so you have to enter edit mode and do something that’s “worth activating the save icon” like entering a note and then delete it… so you can save your un-muted song.
All I want is to see the “mute / un-mute” switch to be considered an action worth activating the save icon.
To be completely honest I don’t really understand why does the save icon gets ghosted at all. Shouldn’t I be able to save anytime I feel like?


believe me, I’ve never seen that icon ghosted… !? :huh:

I don’t know… I can save at anytime… have I got some special version?! :o

well… anyway… did you try CTRL+S? Maybe it serves your needs

When you haven’t loaded any song the icon looks “ghosted”… or when nothing is wrote in the name field…

Oh… now works normally… I guess then this was a bug? :blink: