Mute, Unmute

Howdy Renoisers :)

I cant seem to figure out how mute/unmute works now. Lets say I have 4 tracks muted, and want to unmute ALL tracks… how do i do that? Before I think I could just right click one of the unuted tracks? Tried (really quickly) to find some article about this, but could not find any. So if you have a good link that explains all these shortcuts - give it to me :)


Check your mute/solo track settings in: Preferences > Plug/Misc > Misc

You probably want to change your solo mode to “Mute Others”

You are king mate :)

Yeah… a bit hidden in the documentation


You can still do it instantly with the new mode by Solo on Master IIRC. But I personally switched back to the old mode for other little things I remember annoying me…