Mutegroup - Mute/Solo Profile Tool

Well my simplistic forays into Tool scripting so far have concerned MIDI/sysex control, but there’s something else I really want to work on: a solo/mute profile manager.

This has been cried out for in the past, but the slick integration of the scripting engine with Renoise fundamentals like keybinding means that I think it should be possible to do this really well.

Required features/tasks:

Unmute e.g. tracks 4, 5 and 7, mute everything else

Quick-switch from above scenario to unmuting tracks 1 and 3, everything else muted

Allow a permanent override on a selected track: useful if, for instance, that track’s sole purpose is to run a Line-In device from a multitimbral hardware or software synth.

These ‘groupmute’ profiles persist/are saved with song.

User defaults can be saved with the tool for use in any song (or maybe just the template song, I guess…)

Comprehensive user-configurable keyboard shortcuts (I’ll have to research this)

Simple GUI for managing everything

I reckon this’ll be a straightforward but fiddly tool to make; most of the effort will go on logic and there’ll be a lot of trial and error ;) Would be a big timesaver for me, anyway.

If it’s going to be good, I need as much input as possible before I start - then I can plan it out better and make sure lots of potential usage scenarios are catered for!

Cheers :)

I have most of your features already covered in my mixer snapshot tool and more. Maybe wait until i’m releasing it before starting to work on it?

Not in my todo list currently are:

I’m not sure how we could solve this currently in an elegant way to integrate this nicely into my tool, since it can save a lot more than only track mute states.

See above… :)

We could discuss an implementation of these and how this could look and work maybe. I’m open for that.

I totally missed that thread, sorry! Looks awesome; can’t wait to try it. Yes, I’ll join that discussion and see what ideas I can contribute :D

Moderators - I guess this thread can be deleted now ;)