Muting only a Specific Section of a track?

Highlighted Block

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to just mute a specific block of lines like in the image, I dont wan’t to cut it cos I might want to use that part at a later time.

PS: I have another question if anyone happens to know: In Sampler>Waveform>Interpolate option, Interpolate is turned off by default. What is the difference between this and enabling it but selecting ‘None’


You could create another note lane inthe same track, mute it, and move those notes there. Not very elegant though :sweat_smile:

Wow I had no idea you can actually mute individual columns, thanks that’s good enough for me! Would be a nice addition to a future update though.

Could add a gainer at the end of the FX chain and automate either with the fx column or automation editor.

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I asked the same question a while ago:

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Gainer automation is probably the best way to go.

Another alternative is to create a disposable pattern at the very end of the song and cut/paste the selection into that pattern. This last pattern serves as nothing more than a storage bin for those “maybe” ideas that you can subsequently incorporate later in the song. Obviously before you export the final draft you’ll want to delete that storage pattern, goes without saying.

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It would only be necessary if you want the song clean. But it is not necessary to delete that final copy pattern if you need to render the song. You can have “crap” at the end of the song.

Another matter that may be forgotten. It is possible to use phrases also to copy data. It is true that the management of the phrases is a bit “individualized”, but with a little patience it is possible to use the phrases as data backup. That is, you can later retrieve the data in the pattern editor “easily”.

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