Muting Send Tracks In Matrix Compared To Scopes/Mixer

Expected behaviour:

Muting a track in the matrix should always do the same as muting a track in the mixer/scopes, no?
Note that I’m talking about OFF, not MUTE.
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Actual result
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[font=verdana, arial, tahoma, sans-serif]In my demosong remix there’s a send track that still plays when you mute it using the matrix, but stops when you do the same thing using the scopes/mixer
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I can’t recreate it from scratch, except that I know it has happened a few times: download the song, solo the “db Bassline” and go to final pattern. It doesn’t matter if you have muted the track or not in the matrix, only the mixer/scopes can mute it. Perhaps the document is corrupted somehow?
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“db Bassline” mutes just fine here, this or that way?

You tried to ALT-click the track in the scopes? Here, the result is a big “X” across the scope, but the sound keeps playing.

I’m talking about the “db Bassline” track in the third pattern from the bottom of the pattern sequence?

Yes, but maybe I nevertheless don’t understand what exactly to do. Could you maybe do a small screen capture?

OK, I managed to make a screengrab:…h?v=qODYNR5IoVA

Around 0:18 you’ll hear how the sound in the “shift” send track continues when it should be muted…

Bumping, because of the video. Should be pretty clear what is going on?