Muting Tracks Doesn'T Work With Plugins?

After realising the tools for Renoise no longer worked, I became aware of what seems to be another another flaw in Renoise; muting tracks apparently has no effect on certain plugins.
The plugins I’m reffering to are various synths and ensembles from Native Instruments. I may have overlooked something, so any input to enlighten me is very welcome.
As it stands now, I am practically unable to do any serious editing on a chord progression I’m doing, as other synths are still being triggered in the background. All tracks than the one I’m editing are muted.

Options (top menu) -> Mute Mode -> Mute (Silence audio signals)

rather than Off (Don’t trigger notes/events.)

If that doesn’t help I don’t know…

The difference is whether you want a fast silence when muting or still want the tail end of things like reverbs to continue, as if you can killed the source to an effected mixer channel.

Thanks, kazakore, I’ll have a go at it!

Hmm, it seems the situation was improved somewhat, but still I hear one of the othe r synths being triggered. Anyone else noticed this problem?