Muting Vst Instruments With Vol Channel?

I’ve been using 00 in the volume channel of my drum tracks (which are triggering off one shots, loops etc) to create some gate patterns but the volume doesn’t seem to work in tracks that use vst instruments, what’s the best solution to achieve what I want here?


in general (not only in Renoise) you cannot set the velocity of a VST instrument after the note has been played, unless both the application and instrument support “aftertouch” (which is not currently supported by Renoise, but will in near future).

please note that “velocity” and “volume” are a bit different concepts: in the volume column you set volume for samples and velocity for MIDI/VST instruments.

the solution for you is to use 0Cxx (xx range: 00-FF) in the command column

Cool, thanks! If I use that on just one track will the volume stay the same for the duration of the song ie. Will I need to raise the volume with that command after muting it? I’m at work at the mo so can’t test it out.

yes, 0Cxx is a track-level command: once you need the volume raised again, use 0CC0 to set it ad zero dB (or any other value you may want)

I was wondering about this.