Mutti - Romance (hypeartist's Airy Touch Remix)

Hi, guys!

Here is the tune I’ve composed for the Mutti’s remix contest (Mutti is a helluva cutie girl, btw :) ). It’s my first go at this style of music (what is this style’s name?) so I’d like to know your opinions about the composition (in all the aspects)…

Who: Hypeartist
On who: Mutti
Title: Romance
Subtitle: Airy Touch Remix
Style: mmm… easylistening(?)
Tempo: 126 bpm
Duration: 5:59
Size: 11 mb


Thank you all in advance.

PS: btw, do I have a chance? :P

The beat does not change all the time and is too much in the foreground (too loud). That makes the song not vary enough. The strings and smooth background are nice, the voice could be a little bit more clearer.