Mx linux vst path

As the title says where to put vst so Renoise can find it?I made a folder in my home directory named Vst but renoise dont show the vst

Try placing the plugins into β€œ~/.vst/”. Note the dot before the folder name, it means it is a hidden folder. You might need to set up your file browser so it will show hidden files (normally + or in a right click menu in your home folder).

Hidden files are enabled but there is no vst folder

You can make a .vst folder by hand. But didn’t you put oxe fm there already??

I have another machine with mx linux the other thread was on a different machine with pop os.I made a vst folder name just vst in my home folder but Renoise cant find it

The little dot β€œ.” in the folder name β€œ.vst” is important.

Alternatively there is the possibility to set an environment variable and define custom folders. But that is more work and can work differently on different types of linux.

Thanks the dot did the trick.Now where to put lv2 plugins ? there is no folder.Should I create one and where so Renoise sees it?

In .lv2 :rofl:

Yes, you have to create one too.

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If you want to use renoise with lv2 plugins you need a host like Carla.

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