my 100th post here

damn… I’m touched… :huh: :blink: :unsure: B) :P :lol: :drummer: :yeah:

lucky you, i’ve got 196 :)

well, I am still ahead of you, it-alien :D but long way behind zed … :(

no comment :)

let’s see where i stand?
193… hmm… zed run me over… ;)

anyways taktik is first flooder around :D

ok, I’ve acknowledged that posting such a kind of post didn’t let me advance in the “insane posters hall of fame” because all of the most insane people replied, so I post another one :D :rolleyes:

phazze : its about the normal members here, not the ones belonging to the dev-team :rolleyes:

Wow! TakTik’s up to 5 squares now!!!
Way to go superman!

Well… got to add my pointless post to this thread to at least stay in the top 10 :D :lol:

I wonder who will reach all the 17 squares/titels first :P

evention, you mean tiles, ain’t you?

(just another bullshit post by me :blink: :lol: )

and will they change the color ?
(just another post to avoid that It reaches the goal earlier than me with stupid posts :) )

huh ? I really dont get your point … :blink:

hmm… which point? :D

of posting useless posts just to increase the numbers of posts … :)

know what I mean ? :D

and I promise this will be my last post in this thread.

ok this is my last one then.
Peace treat ;)

…but don’t start another thread like this, otherwise it will be WAR!! :ph34r: :yeah: :drummer:

since I haven’t checked the forum for some days I have missed out on this thread until now… so here’s my post. just to be a part of this cool gang B)

which gang ? I have done donthing. really. I was at home, sleeping.