My 1st completed song using Renoise

Thanks for taking the time out to have a listen to my 1st tune (dubstep thingy) using Renoise,
although im not new to creating music as i have used open source tools to create my music such as LMMS,Ardour, audacity etc
your comments are valuable to me thanks :)/>/>/>/>

For a first Renoise production this doesn’t sound bad at all, but your experience with music production shows pretty much.
The song seems to get a bit dull after the 3:00 minute mark though.

Thanks for the feedback vV, much appreciated. Yeah sometimes i will rush a song to make it stretch out to what i believe is an average time of 4mins.
I need to do a bit of research on song structure and be patient before completing a song, thanks :)

There are great masterpieces written that barely last 3 minutes or less… it’s not what you think that supposed to be normal, but what you feel necessary to be happening… ;)
Regarding research tips:

Indeed so, thanks vV, I will remember this :) oh an off topic question, how did you enable the youtube video directly on here, did you just drop all tags <> </> ,?

I think you need to use the bracket’d media tag.

cool, got it thanks Carbonthief :) ( Mikobuntu wondered where all the carbon had gone :) )

Youtube is recognized automatically as long as you don’t use HTTPS.

AHHH now i see, i have a plugin on my chrome browser to set up all/most sites as https/

i never actually thought of that vV… thanks ;)

Cool, what program did you use for video editing?

Nice job with triggering a wide variety of sounds between beats. How did you manage all those sounds (lots of separate tracks or did you just have a single track)?

thanks for your comment, as you suspected i used lot of separate tracks and sample offset 0S-xy and slide up and down 0U-xy and 0D-xy on snares etc and automated on/off delay for the hats. You gotta just love the flexibility that ReNoise give you for this ;)/>

On my latest song im working on im using the retrigger sample command lot … 0R-xy it is great for glitching out sounds.

edit:- note i have also used dblue’s gggggglitch on the snare in the 1st part of the song, basically just use the blank slots all except for where the snare hits on every 3rd beat in this case, iirc i used retrigger, crusher, stretcher and tape stop and just played with the settings in realtime until i got the sound i was looking for.