My 1st FREE sample pack for Techno Lovers

Hello, dear friends
Glad to announce you my 1st Free Techno sample pack :

Meidevil-Music Elektrodar - Techno Rage

This sample pack is a part of my series Medievil-Music Elektrodar witch will include several Free sample packs in various electronic music subgenres.

Download :

Some details :

One Shots 216 Files
Loops 40 Files
Total 256 Files
Size 307 MB
BPM variations 132 to 138
Frequency 44100 - 48000 HZ
Bitrate 16 - 24 -32 bit

All Samples\Sounds are generated and synthesized from scratch by Me

No recycling - No bouncing

100% Royalty Free

Cheers ))


Nice! Is this the result of what you’ve done in “Almost Drums”?
Is there also a pack without any loops and synths, one shot drums only?
No paypal payment? I assume that you probably want to give it away for free, but I’m that type of guy who likes to reward people who put some effort in things I like, you know? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you !
Not at all. Some of the kicks are generated basically using Almost Drums (the basic wave). The rest is a little bit long processing using several vsts and fxs. The rest of sounds were synthesized using Massive, Phase Plant, Vital, Helix…etc. In general, every sound passed a long processing chain before finalizing.
Thank you for mentioning the payment thing. Well, yea, i left that open for people who would like to pay. I think that Gumroad supports paypal as well.

You can just unpack the (oneshots) folder from the zip file ))

Of course, but after downloading the whole thing. :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, payment via paypal is not accepted, credit card only.

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Thats strange. I think its because my account’s country is Russia (with no option to change) :smile:

Anyways, Thank you for your willingness to donate . I will count that you have already did. ))

demo sounds good! :metal::fire:
I don’t much go for sample packs, but this is nice work you’ve done. kudos :+1:

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Not yet, first I have to check if my credit card is still current. But before I can do that I need to find it first. Usually I never pay with a credit card, that’s not common in the land where I come from. Payment online with Paypal for business stuff and bank transfer for private stuff, and offline payment with cash only, that’s how it goes. But never ever payment with a credit card. That’s a weird american habit, but not a european one, especially not in a country in which people prefer cash. :wink:

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