My 1St Game For Ios - Tweens Out Now

Hi guys,

I am proud to announce my first game I’ve created for iOS called “Tweens” :)

I did whole graphics, sound and music [including still-in-the-works web site] while my friend coded in Unity3D using just 2D capabilities of the engine.
Drop a eye at and I am just rendering video [at the background] I intend to put online this evening, so you will see how the game plays on my iPad2.

Music and SFX I’ve made using excellent Renoise tracker [as usual] and whole work took us ~2,5 months.

Tweens HD Links for iPad 1&2 and iPhone4 & 4S:

Tweens links for iPod, iPhone 3GS and the rest:

As we have licence for Unity3D exporting to Android market, we are preparing that release soon.

Tweens Gameplay Trailer (2011)

If have iOS devices, try the game and let me know what do you think and do you like it :)

We will have advertisement starting from Monday [Apple surprised us by approving the game in just 4 days] so you are one of the first web sites I took chance to reveal news :)

All best

all link on your site is promt to :D

Yes, it is not working site yet. After I finish video [I am currently render in the background], I will start finishing website :) Game is more fresh that even I can imagine :D

This is what Tweens are all about. I’ve just made this video few minutes ago & uploaded to Youtube. And sorry for my hairy hand, but it all goes well with the game’s fun theme :P

Tweens Gameplay Trailer (2011)

… and also here is another video I’ve just made in AfterEffects:

Tweens iPad Game Trailer (2011)

In this video I used remixed song version and put myself as a pig DJ :)

All best