My 1st Release...

I am really new to writing music - been sitting here with renoise for about 3 nights now, anyhow I put together this, and was wondering if anyone would have any tips/ideas on improving it. I let a friend hear it, and he said it was good, which is the main reason I put it here.


The sounds were made with Z3ta+, and the track with Renoise, looking forward to hearing what you all have to say - hope I am doing good here ;)

pretty good for a first song :)
kinda drones on repetitively though, is this what you’re going for? maybe add some percussion.
too much panning to the left.

yep, pushing right chan and it sounds better :)

the 2nd long sustain lead is not as good as the first … think you got a few notes of track but thats easy to fix :P

add some low tom + rim stick for percussion and its some nice first song mate! i like the overall mood.

playing with eq, compressor, room simulation etc. would help on master track also but not realy needed to listen. keep going.

Thanks for the positive comments - I am in the process of working on my 2nd tune, I think it is coming along nicely, and I’ve uploaded a sneak preview of how it is coming along Out of Time, I’ll give this one its own thread when I am finished - I hope to make it a rather more complex affair than the first, and am hoping to make it last between 10 and 15 minutes without seeming repetitive.
Would like to hear what people might have to say about this snippet as well, as I have not really mucked around with music ever, and only really started 1/1/2008 - I guess it is suprising just how much I like the musics I make ;)
Anyhow - between RL, and game time, I am finding it hard to keep up with all the forums I am registered on, looking forward to maybe becoming regular here :)

I did a little more on my second tune, I got to say I think I am feeling a little proud of it now, here’s a bit more of a sneak preview of it at Out of Time V0.2.00 it needs polish, but I think its not bad so far, perhaps I’m even getting excited now :P

omg i love that such a great song i love violin in songs where did you get it from if you dont mind me asking?

yay true, i like “not to complicated” music, just my type. :)

patto and basil basically summed up what i was going to say, some percussion would make this song pretty sweet. solid first release though.

Inix: It comes from Dimension Pro.
Yeaux: I agree the 1st tune need some percussion, the 2nd one though I like with the volume thumping beat (I made the beat by cycling from FF to 1F on the volume via step of 20), anything more than that I found destroyed the mood of the tune.
Thanks for all the encouragement, I am actually taking a break from the 2nd song right now, and striving to start a 3rd, but I am having trouble topping that 2nd one, it imo is a good track from me, though I still hope the third one will trump it. (pun intended)

keep it up :)

Yeah, like my girlfriend always says:


hey… got any updates yet mate? :rolleyes:


Hope u dont mind Ill try give u some positive critism…

First off all I can hear that u have some basic musical skills/understanding, if this skils showed up of them selves within the time ur talking about here i will think this will get GREAT… after some more evolving… Remember even Mozart didnt make his master pizes the FIRST day… (he was about 3 years ? ROFL). so 1. Keep up the good work.

2nd… DON’T base ur music on samples/sounds that you havent made and / or don’t controll yourself… This is the easy way… just abit less worse than use “Make ur own music actomaticaly 1.0”-program.

Why? Even that nobody will really care about how u made ur music in the end… your creativity will not envolve much in this prosess, and u only will fool urself.

It’s sound abit that u let some pre-set sounds inspire ur music, and that you add something “on top of that”.

This is a great way of playing around to be inspired. But for making it real you need do a reverse ingeneering on the pice and make it our own. This will enquire alot more technical skills…

Hope im not to hash now :S But i really didnt random filtered sound presset… (if u tell me you made it myself, i’ll change 2 acceptable)

But keep up the good work!

I see nothing wrong with doing this. After all, I think arrangement defines a song far more than just sound.

However, I’m not advocating running around and stealing a bunch of samples from other songs, etc.

But I’m just saying, it’s not about the sound, it’s more about the music. Thousands of bands use guitars, does that mean you shouldn’t just because someone else already has used it? Of course not. It’s all about how you differently arrange the sound within that guitar that defines who you are as a musician.

Could be great. Doesn’t need drums, but does need some more arrangement variety. And LP filtering.