My Album In 28 Days, All Sequenced In Renoise!

I figured I’d finally post some things I’ve written as it’s been a long time. Here is the results of my entry for the RPM challenge this year around. As the t-shirt says It’s not a contest, it’s a challenge.

I used Renoise for all the sequencing, with my G5 connected to a MTP AV midi interface to get some sounds from an Akai Z-8 sampler, jp-8080, microwave XT and nord lead 2X into the mix along with the sample based percussion. Some of the percussion came from the XT and the 2X but none of the synths were sample based which was a fun constraint I put on myself for this project.

After I finished the mixes I bounced everything to wav and did the “finalizing” in reaper. . yes reaper. :) I didn’t spend any time really mastering this collection, some levels are whack… I didn’t care. the point was just to be creative and get some fresh new music written!

I have to say I really wish I had the new XRNI format from the latest renosie 2.7 beta but at least I know next year I’ll be able to use renoise for what I have been using the z8 for!

Ok thanks for listening, I encourage all to try this next year, it’s a great exercise to just let go and write.