My Bbc Wildlife Competition Entry

The competition was based around composing music to a 3 minute promo video that the BBC made for a show about the Galapagos islands. Sadly, I didn’t win, but now I can bring you my music alongside the original visuals, compiled into a movie file:

Download Video (15 MB)

Here’s some shameless self-promotional propaganda blurb too:

“Numerous sounds were recorded for the composition using binaural microphones, giving a superb natural atmosphere and allowing the string and woodwind sections to weave organically through the overall mix. Split into three acts and matching the visual changes appropriately both time and emotion wise, this movie ably demonstrates the ability to match music to pre-existing video.”

Good job with the video, my first thought was that the sound was maybe a bit to dark, i’d made it more happy and had introduced some kind of mood change, when they showed that seal lying on the beach.

You’re probably right. I was going for the mood of the place; ancient, arcane and kinda primitive. I tried to steer it away from my usual style, but I don’t know if I have it in me to do anything truly ‘happy’ sounding. height=246 width=425[/embed]

I’m starting to add video playing to my site, so I thought I’d bump this, since you can now view it directly in the forum.