My Complaint About Renoise

My complaint about Renoise

Renoise’s teachings are fatally fissiparous, but that’s not the point of this letter. The point is that Renoise shows a curious unwillingness to redefine in practical terms the immutable ideals that have guided us from the beginning. One of my objectives for this letter is to let it know, in no uncertain terms, that it took no time at all for it to succumb to the demons of greed, power, and wealth. While Renoise’s rodomontades may seem tyrannical, they’re in agreement with Renoise’s patronizing, insufferable newsgroup postings. How dare Renoise vandalize our neighborhoods? Renoise has an uncanny knack for making evil appear good and good appear evil. Am I being too harsh for writing that? Maybe I am, but that’s really the only way you can push a point through to Renoise.

Diabolism, jujuism, and caciquism follow Renoise’s footsteps. Wherever it goes, such things are sure to sprout up. The implication is that I’ve heard of ignorant things like Maoism and negativism. But I’ve also heard of things like nonviolence, higher moralities, and treating all beings as ends in and of themselves—ideas which Renoise’s ignorant, unthinking, clumsy brain is too small to understand. Shame on Renoise for thinking that people like you and me are headstrong! Renoise and I disagree about our civic duties. I feel that we must do our utmost to present a noble vision of who we were, who we are, and who we can potentially be. Renoise, on the other hand, believes that there’s no difference between normal people like you and me and wrongheaded, appalling dunderheads.

I don’t know what makes Renoise think that all minorities are poor, stupid ghetto trash. Maybe it’s been sipping cuckoo juice. The fact of the matter is that Renoise’s assault on free speech was not mounted in a few weeks. Rather, it evolved gradually over a much longer period of time, barely perceptible in its origins and benefiting from a gradualism that provoked little awareness, much less any real reaction. That’s why it is now the time to strengthen our roots so we can weather the storms that threaten our foundation.

Before I knew anything about Renoise, I was once an onlooker at a few of its mass demonstrations, without possessing even the slightest insight into the mentality of its companions or the nature of its vituperations. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but for all of you reading this who are not pusillanimous polemics, you can understand where the motivation for that statement comes from. To eliminate those law-enforcement officers who constitute the vital protective bulwark in the fragile balance between anarchy and tyranny is Renoise’s objective, and ill-tempered gangsterism is its method. Renoise is extremely impudent. In fact, my handy-dandy Impudent-O-Meter confirms that we wouldn’t currently have a problem with sensationalism if it weren’t for Renoise. Although it created the problem, aggravated the problem, and escalated the problem, Renoise insists that it can solve the problem if we just grant it more power. How naïve does it think we are? Truly, my long-term goal is to remove the misunderstanding that Renoise has created in the minds of myriad people throughout the world. Unfortunately, much remains to be done. As you may have noticed, to Renoise’s mind, it can create a Frankenstein’s monster and get away with it. So that means that profits come before people, right? No, not right. The truth is that Renoise might mold the mind of virtually every citizen—young or old, rich or poor, simple or sophisticated—sooner than you think. What are we to do then? Place blinders over our eyes and hope we don’t see the horrible outcome?

To say merely that Renoise recognizes mendacious deadheads as fellow peers, as cousins-german, and as brothers is a vast understatement. Having studied Renoise’s charges and finding them groundless, I must now tell the world that it’s its belief that my letters demonstrate a desire to supplant national heroes with morally repugnant conspiracy theorists. I can’t understand how anyone could go from anything I ever wrote to such a misguided, closed-minded idea. In fact, my letters generally make the diametrically opposite claim, that Renoise’s mind has limited horizons. It is confined to the immediate and simplistic, with the inevitable consequence that everything is made banal and basic and is then leveled down until it is deprived of all spiritual life. What we’re involved in with Renoise is not a game. It’s the most serious possible business, and every serious person—every person with any shred of a sense of responsibility—must concern himself with it.

Whenever there’s an argument about Renoise’s devotion to principles and to freedom, all one has to do is point out that like fire, Renoise is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. That should settle the argument pretty quickly. As Renoise feels less and less need to conceal its announcements, it makes increasingly open moves towards illiberal, obtrusive moral relativism. Now that last statement is a bit of an oversimplification, an overgeneralization. But it is nevertheless substantially true. All of the bad things that are currently going on are a symptom of Renoise’s obstreperous snow jobs. They are not a cause; they are an effect.

I know the following is an incredibly cheap shot, but Renoise says that our unalienable rights are merely privileges that it can dole out or retract. Whenever I hear such statements from Renoise I reel in disbelief. Does it really believe such rash things? There is widespread agreement in asking that question but there is great disagreement in answering it. We find among narrow and uneducated minds the belief that Renoise values our perspectives. This belief is due to a basic confusion that can be cleared up simply by stating that my goal is to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable in our society—the sick, the old, the disabled, the unemployed, and our youth—all of whose lives are made miserable by Renoise. I might not be successful at achieving that goal, but I unequivocally do have to try. Do you think I’m the only one who wants to guide the world into an age of peace, justice, and solidarity? I assure you, I am not. But the concepts underlying Renoise’s crazy, ophidian personal attacks are like the Ptolemaic astronomy, which could not have been saved by positing more epicycles or eliminating some of the more glaring discrepancies. The fundamental idea—that the heavens revolve around the Earth—was wrong, just as Renoise’s idea that children don’t need as much psychological attentiveness, protection, and obedience training as the treasured household pet is wrong.

From secret-handshake societies meeting at “the usual place” to back-door admissions committees, Renoise’s surrogates have always found a way to pit race against race, religion against religion, and country against country. I, hardheaded cynic that I am, suggest that we exert a positive influence on the type of world that people will live in a thousand years from now. This right and truthful proposition, practically established, will help us uphold peace, freedom, democracy, and justice. It is my greatest and most solemn pleasure to bring the communion of knowledge to all of us. Of that I am certain because Renoise says that everyone would be a lot safer if it were to monitor all of our personal communications and financial transactions—even our library records. Why on Earth does Renoise need to monitor our library records? The answer to this question gives the key not only to world history but to all human culture.

There is only one way to stop Renoise from creating a climate in which it will be assumed that our achievements reflect not individual worth, talent, or skill, but special consideration. We must make out of fools, wise people; out of fanatics, men of sense; out of idlers, workers; out of rambunctious guttersnipes, people who are willing to take off the kid gloves and vent some real anger at Renoise. Then together we can advocate social change through dialogue, passive resistance, and nonviolence. Together we can show the world that on the issue of larrikinism, Renoise is wrong again. Sure, it bases its projects on the belief that it possesses infinite wisdom. But Renoise’s brethren often reverse the normal process of interpretation. That is, they value the unsaid over the said, the obscure over the clear.

Do you understand the implications of what I have been telling you? Are you awake? Then you probably realize that Renoise has planted its operatives everywhere. You can find them in businesses, unions, activist organizations, tax-exempt foundations, professional societies, movies, schools, churches, and so on. Not only does this subversive approach enhance Renoise’s ability to show us a gross miscarriage of common judgment, but it also provides irrefutable evidence that you should never forget the three most important facets of its codices, namely their petty origins, their internal contradictions, and their tendentious nature. Would we, as thinking people, believe buttinskies who tried to tell us we’re all jealous? I say “no.” At this point, our task is to find more constructive contexts in which to work toward resolving conflicts. Your support can help greatly with this task, this crucial task, at which we must not fail.

It’s like reading Dostoevsky all over again… ;)

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If the opening sentance of a letter uses words that I can’t understand, (or must google the definition of) then it’s unlikely to be communicating clearly.

“Renoise’s teachings are fatally fissiparous…”. Your whole letter was shot down in the first 5 words. When you see a word like “fissiparous” the complaint loses so much credibility right there it’s just not worth reading the rest!

And now let King George read all of this out loud.